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CNC Part Design & Development

CNC Part Design & Development

Absolute Machine is proud to offer our customers comprehensive CNC part design & development services for the racing, automotive, industrial, military and other industries. We specialize in creating close-tolerance, high-precision, complex and challenging parts from client specifications.

Our CNC part development process can take an idea from concept to finished part and aluminum products, starting with analysis by our engineers. We provide FEA analysis utilizing appropriate testing, as well as SolidWorks modeling to develop a working prototype. Existing products can be redesigned to reduce weight and cost, while increasing performance.

Our experience and expertise provide a solid production strategy, reducing your time to market. We work with all industry standard programs including SolidWorks and SolidCAM. Other services include reverse engineering and red light scanning, prototyping, fabrication and quality assurance.

Our company approaches each project with the mindset of minimizing the number of operations, to maximizing quality, and increasing efficiency. When possible, we buy our materials oversized so that we can machine the top and sides in the same operation as the drilling, tapping, and machining of other features. This process insures that all sides are flat, square, and parallel to one another to allow us to hold tight true position tolerances.

CNC Machining

3+1 Machining

3+1 machining is a simplification on 5-axis machining. 3+1 machining uses a 5-axis machine and has programs that hold one of the rotary axes fixed, thereby utilizing dynamic movements with the three translational axes and one of the rotary axes. While 5-axis solutions often make very precise parts and fine surface finish, it is still the case that a 3-axis result (when appropriately applied) will achieve higher positional accuracy and surface finish. 3+1 machining provides a middle-ground in this spectrum between 3-axis and full 5-axis processes.

3 & 4 Axis Machining

All of our machining centers are set up with multiple vises to help machine your production parts accurately and efficiently. With 3 & 4 Axis machining centers, we can machine a part in one or two operations that might otherwise take six; reducing time and costs for the customer.


Our lathes are capable of holding tight tolerances on large production runs or single prototype pieces. Our lathes have full 6-axis capabilities that can turn, bore, thread, groove, knurl, drill, and tap your machined parts in one operation. Our lathes are extremely accurate, fast, and versatile in the work they produce.