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Laser Marking / Part Identification

Laser Marking / Part Identification

Laser marking is the ideal choice when permanent, high-quality marks are required. Laser Marking / Part Identification is fast and maintenance-free, making it an attractive alternative to ink jet marking, chemical etching, or labels. Absolute Machine offers this service to its customers looking to integrate laser marking into their CNC part design and development projects. We utilize the TYKMA Zatalase XL Fiber laser marking system to provide a wide range of marking options on various materials and/or substrates.
Utilizing selectable waveforms and an expansive frequency range, we are able to accomplish results where other laser technologies and systems fall short. Our laser system is fully capable of delivering deep engraving and micro markings with quality and precision. Maybe you simply want your company logo included on your CNC machined part, we can do that to!

We specialize in:

  • Laser engraving and etching
  • 2D data matrix symbology
  • Date coding and serialization
  • Product branding