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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Don’t have a CAD file or are missing some geometry of a part? Absolute Machine can help! Our reverse engineering services can reconstruct original designs and/or implement new ones. Leveraging CREAFORM Red Light Scanning, we can regenerate lost geometry or broken components according to your specifications or design demands. By scanning and/or analyzing a real-world object, we can collect data on its shape and appearance (color or/and texture) than can then be used to construct a digital 3D model. 
Our engineers can also take your 2D drawings that reflect design intent to build a complete 3D CAD model. Reverse engineering ultimately saves time, thus reducing cost and decreases time-to-market.

We specialize in:

  • Legacy part repair and re-manufacturing
  • Product benchmarking
  • Documentation and archival
  • Product redesign
  • Custom-fit products